†Flashing LED toys, Blinking Body lights, Military patches, Flashing magnetic LED lapel pins, light up bar ware, computer software and you Get a free C/D when you purchase $30.00 or more just go and pick one from the software text link at the right. These flashing magnetic lapel pins are just the right thing for fund raising and nighttime events. So if you want to get noticed, say something in particular or just plain look cool just put one of these lapel pins on or turn on one of the flashing light up glasses. And now I have specials running on all my other LED toys and products just scroll down the page and take a look and click on the text links to the right.

Click on any Image to read more and to see how you can purchase these fantastic Items. Minimum order of $15.00 required.

When you purchase a c/d you also get a free magnetic LED lapel †pin††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

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Light up bar ware is the thing to party with. There acrylic plastic, washable and nearly unbreakable and all glasses come with batteries installed and are replaceable. So go to† your next party with a light up wine glass or beer mug and see if people don't come up to you and say "that's cool where did you get that?" so just tell them.

Body lights or flashing Lapel pins are made with extremely bright LED technology and can be seen from a great distance. All come with 2 strong CR927 batteries that last 10 to 12 hours and are replaceable.

flagan.gif (7757 bytes)††† usflagday2.jpg (1941 bytes)

Flashing Flag

Flashing American Flag Body Light has three very bright LED lights - red, white, and blue - that flash diagonally across the flag. Flag appears to be waving in the wind from a flag pole.† Great for the 4th of July or any nighttime event!

flagstaran.gif (62438 bytes)††

Flashing Star Flag

this is the greatest body light and newest patriotic magnetic, flashing Flag Star lapel pin! Everyone loves these! Flag Star has 3 red and 2 blue very bright LED lights that flash in a random pattern. Great for the 4th of July or any nighttime event!


Body Lights and flashing lapel pins are as above

All body Lights and lapel pins come with 2 magnets one on the inside and one on the outside as shown. The one on the outside is what attaches the light to your clothing, like sandwiching the material of your shirt between the magnet and the back of the light so there will be no pin holes left in your garment or put it on a hat, posters and anything that a magnet will stick to. They come with 2 powerful CR-927 batteries that are also on the inside so all you have to do is turn the housing on the back clockwise until the body light comes on then to turn it off just do the opposite just until the body light goes off . Do not unscrew it to far or your batteries may fall out

†††††††††††††††††††††† ††† ††††††††††††††††

††††††††††† skyliner.gif (28345 bytes)††††††††

Skywriter Instructions Page

Twirl the Skywriter and a message appears† in LED lights.† Looks like the message is floating in the air.† Has 10 pre-programmed messages:† LET'S PARTY!, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, HAPPY NEW YEAR, COOL, TAXI, HELP, BRAVO, OH YEAH!, GO FOR IT! and† LOVE YOU. You can also program 3 messages of what ever you want to say like: have a nice day or give me a kiss, anything up to 16 characters including spaces. Skywriter is a lot of fun and you won't believe the visual effect. Have fun at parties, raves, concerts, clubs and more.† Send a message to someone across a crowded room, from your car, or use for advertising a product! Batteries included and are replaceable!

Go to Skywriter Order Page

This pen is very bright and practical. It has a 7 function switch that lets you set it for 1 color or combinations of 2 colors or you can set it to gradually change through all three colors of red, green and blue. You can actually write in the dark! Won't disturb other people by turning on a light. Batteries included and are replaceable. Keep one by your bed and another one in your car.

†just click on the picture to see how to purchase or see below

pens runs on AG 13 batteries which are installed and last 12 or more hours

All of the light is concentrated at the point.† A twist on the cushioned grip turns the light on or off.† AG13 batteries are included, installed and replaceable. Writes with refillable black ink. Use for promotional giveaways, in restaurants and bars, or for keeping beside your bed or in your car! The blue pen can double as a flashlight because it is so bright and the plastic cap focuses the light into a beam Great for waitresses, policemen and security personnel.

Sorry don't carry the red anymore

Go to Blue Silver Glow Pen Order Page

†††fiberanimated.gif (20924 bytes)††††††††† ††††††††††††††† fibertwinkle.gif (18467 bytes)

Fiber Optic Rainbow and Twinkle Light

I use to sell wands that do what this 1 wand does. Fiber Optic Rainbow and Twinkle† Light† has multiple settings and comes with an attached lanyard. Pressing the 2 buttons will make the wand light up with a single color, or combinations of them and 1 setting that gradually changes color between all 3, red, blue & green.†The buttons make the light do multiple flashings of all kinds Great for raves fund raising nigh time events or just plain looking cool. Batteries are included and replaceable.

Feedback form††† Please tell me how your experience on my page was

This is the most dazzling thing that you can imagine, a portable scrolling marquee, that you can program anywhere and anytime to say what you want to say. You can program the badge with the programming buttons right on the back of the badge so you don't need a computer.

Badge comes in either

LED's.† Just click on the color you wish to purchase

not shown as actual size

You can present 6 messages 126 characters in length including spaces with independent scroll speeds There's more info about the badge on the order page so go there and find out more. Badge attaches with a pin not a magnet.†


Body Backers are an alternative for children and adults in an active environment that want to wear Body Lights with something more secure† than a magnetic attachment. Body Backers will fit the CR-927 Body Lights. (Body Light not included)

Go To Body Backer Order Page

bodylightlanyard.jpeg (6886 bytes)

Body Light Necklace

Body Light Cords with a foam circle are available as an alternative for people who want to wear Body Lights with something more secure† than a magnetic attachment. Press the the Body Light in the circle foam for easy attachment.† Use it over and over and "swap out" the Body Lights too.† Cords will fit CR-927 Body Lights.† (Body Light not included)

Go To Body Light Necklace Order Page

CR-927 Lithium Batteries for Flashing Body Lights

2 for $.99 plus S & H

10 for $3.99 plus S & H

AG-13 Lithium Batteries for Pens and glasses

2 for $.99 plus S & H

10 for $4.99 plus S & H

startrek1.gif (13552 bytes)

Move at light speed to get these body lights 'cause they're going fast!

Please call for quantity pricing and purchasing

Purchase online or send E-Mail to:† sales@Dreamphyre.com

Or Send Check or Money Order to:

Dreamphyre, P. O. Box 14282, Tulsa, OK 74159

Call 918-599-8313 to leave a message† or 918-557-2108


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I have the right to substitute pins that I can not get anymore or pins that I may be out of and would take to long to get to satisfy shipping demands: thank you Kyle

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